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Strong Sheds Built to Handle Heavy Wind & Snow Loads

hurricane proof shed

The Majestic storage shed by Handy Home. Our strong sheds in high winds compared to theirs……

Handy Home Sheds Flexes their Muscle…

While the streets of New York and our competition was blown away by the high winds of Hurricane Sandy, the 8×12 Majestic storage shed showed off its heavy duty construction.

All of our sheds are engineered and tested to meet demanding wind and snow loads! We take pride in offering the strongest storage sheds in the industry.

The image on the left was taken in New York, only a few miles from the worst hit areas. Hurricane Sandy devastated everything in its path as wind speeds reached 70-90 m.p.h. The results of this storm prove that this 8×12 shed is truly majestic. Just imagine how much use you could get from the Majestic in your own backyard…

strong sheds for high winds

The 10×10 Princeton shed. A Home Depot Exclusive.