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Gambrel Sheds

Barn Sheds with Exceptional Style…barn sheds

Most of the sheds you see along the interstate are called gambrel sheds, or otherwise known as barn sheds. They combine the traditional styling of barns with an adequate amount of overhead storage space. The roof on a barn shed has two roof slopes on each side of the ridge with a steeper lower slope, providing extra headroom. Barn sheds are a great fit for those wanting more storage space without going to a larger and more expensive shed.

The design of the roof could allow up to 11 1/2 feet of headroom. That is nearly two more feet of headroom in comparison to the other roof styles. Commonly, we suggest homeowners to choose a roof style for their shed that matches their home. However, it’s entirely up to you. Barn sheds offer traditional styling that will never go out of style. With accessories such as flowerboxes, cupolas and windows, our selection of barn sheds allow you to add your own unique style. Experience the Handy Home advantage. See our online selection of DIY barn sheds above!

Premium Features on our Barn Sheds:

  + LP® engineered wood siding resists termites, rot and decay

LP wood siding sheds

  • A. The wood is treated with a Zinc Borate compound to help protect against fungal decay and termites.
  • B. Each strand of wood is coated with special binders, adding layer upon layer of strength and moisture resistance.
  • C. Proprietary edge coating protects the piece from the harsh elements of Mother Nature.
  • D. Deeply embossed cedar grain pattern for the authentic look.
  • E. Resin-saturated, paint-based overlay for moisture resistance and easier painting.
  • F. Wood strands are laid geometrically to maximize dimensional stability.

 + Easy to read instructions for a hassle free installation

Detailed instructions include illustrations of the assembly process

 + DIY barn sheds made easy… Everything is pre-cut, no special tools or carpentry skills needed

DIY barn shed kits

✓ Everything is pre-cut… Nothing to saw!
✓ Can be built using common hand tools
✓ Pre-assembled, pre-hung doors
✓ LP® siding is lightweight and installs using standard woodworking tools

 + Strong wood frame construction 

Our barn sheds are engineered and tested to meet demanding wind and snow loads

 + Factory primed, ready to paint

paint sheds to match your homePaint your shed the color of your choice. Paint and shingles not included

 + Customizing gambrel sheds is easy

accessories for gable shedsChoose from several functional and decorative accessories such as wood ramps, windows with shutters, flower boxes, a garden caddy, cupola’s with weathervane’s and venting skylights.

 + Hand-crafted with pride in the U.S.A

barn sheds made in America                                                                                                                                                                                                               Proud to manufacture our products right here in the U.S.A!

 + Environmentally Friendly

LP® processes their wood in accordance with Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards and uses wood from small, fast-growing trees for less waste and better resource usage. Whether your need is for a shed, gazebo or pergola wood is always the better choice. A renewable resource, wood is a green material as it can be replaced in sustainable forests or recycled.

 + 35 years of experience

Established in 1978, Handy Home Products is the leading manufacturer of ready to assemble DIY barn shed kits. Our logo, “It’s Easy….it’s Handy!” defines what we do.