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Do It Yourself Sheds & Gazebos

do it yourself shedsDo It Yourself and Save…

    When you decide to go buy one of our do it yourself sheds or gazebos, you cannot go wrong with our out-of-the-box assembly solutions! Here are the benefits.

Do It Yourself Storage Shed Solutions

Shelving and lofts: Instead of worrying about buying materials and then cutting them out (risking possibly miscalculating and wasting purchased wood), everything we have is pre-cut and customized for your shed size.

Doors: All of our doors are pre-assembled and pre-hung. Plus you don’t have to do a comparison shop—all of our doors are heavy-duty, high quality and built to last. We stand behind our warranty!

Outdoor Decoration

Shutter options: We have shutters in different colors you can choose from. (show shutter color swatches).

Paint options: If you need a certain paint color to match your home, you can work with our vendor, Sherwin Williams* to find the one that’s right for you.

Experienced Technical Support

If you have any trouble with our do it yourself sheds, or just need related advice, we have a few different ways you can get in touch with us:

Call our toll-free consumer help link at (800) 221-1849, or e-mail Customerservice@handyhome.com for immediate assistance.

For fully illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions, feel free to e-mail or fax us at (734) 242-6960, and we can send you a copy.

If you’re just looking for innovative ideas or are stumped over whether you want to add a skylight, then leave a comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages. We would love to hear from you!

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