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Handy Home Product Reviews

This video was tweeted to us recently by Filmuniition Studios. “Thanks @HomeDepot and @HandyHomePro for the shed and installation. Worry free. Very pleased! @Stupeflix”

10×8 Phoenix Shed Review – “I recently purchased your greenhouse shed kit and wood floor kit from Home Depot. Based on my review of your products, I expected a nice shed. I was absolutely delighted with what came. Delivery was fast, the package was unbelievably small for an entire 8′ x 10′ shed and the package design was incredible. I’m not sure who should get the most praise, the shed designers or the packaging designers. All the parts were precut properly, the hardware was all there and the overall quality of the materials was outstanding. In addition to the shed, we added one large window, one small window and the workbench. Those items were all delivered separately and quickly by UPS.

Since we expect to use the shed as a greenhouse, we painted the floor, the studs, the ceiling and all the siding on both sides before assembly. We assembled the components for the floor and walls in our garage and moved each to the site where we quickly assembled the pieces. The rafters, roof, door, windows and glass panels all went up without a hitch.

The instructions were very clear, but I would advise anyone to read the entire book first before starting so you know where you are going and what pieces to look for. I could not be happier with the finished product, and more importantly, my wife loves it. She said, “if we ever move, we’re taking it with us” I told her we would just build another. First rate quality, easy to follow instructions, no cut design and incredible packaging. No missing parts and all hardware needed to complete the kit is included. I would recommend this product to any do it your self-er, provided they take the time to read the instructions. I have built sheds from scratch and from kits, and this is the best. Building projects, even small ones can be trying when parts are missing, pieces don’t fit or instructions aren’t clear. This had none of those challenges.

I have enclosed a few pictures of the finished shed and hope they encourage others to try this product.
Michael Shore
Jackson, MI

A satisfied Handy Home customer reviews the 10×8 Cumberland shed.

The high quality construction and detailed instructions make this one of the easiest DIY shed kits to build. As Mike explains, he was trying to decide on whether to build the shed himself or hire an installer. As it turns out, Mike made the right decision. In addition to saving hundreds of dollars, Mike had a great sense of pride building the shed kit himself. As an added bonus, Mike thoroughly enjoyed building the 10×8 Cumberland shed.

Wood sheds are great to free up much needed space in your garage. As Mike explains, customizing Handy Home sheds to meet your needs is easy. For extra light inside, he added a window. For extra storage space, he added shelves to store commonly used items. If the 10×8 Cumberland wood shed does not meet your needs, we have many other sizes to choose from.
Mike Howard – Lombard, Illinois

10×10 Princeton Storage Shed

“I recently purchased my Princeton Shed from Home Depot and had it delivered. I was shocked when I got home to see the size of the box. I couldn’t believe all the materials needed to build this shed were in there. Upon opening and organizing the pieces, everything was in perfect condition and very well packed. Sixteen hours later my shed was complete and ready for paint. I put the shed on a concrete slab and all directions/dimensions worked out perfectly. After a week of debate, I did add a shelf across the back for a little additional storage space. Awesome product, great quality, and very easy to assemble. Anyone with minimal carpentry experience and knowledge of a tape measure could put this shed together. It’s solid and sturdy even with the 2×3 walls. I would definitely recommend this shed to anyone…and have already done so to one of my neighbors!”Chad Pinnow – Cedar Grove, Wisconsin